Live In Japan

(Metal Mind Productions, 1998)

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Polish version

  1. Damien (intro)
  2. Sothis
  3. Distant Dream
  4. Black To The Blind
  5. Silent Empire
  6. Blood Of Kingu
  7. Carnal
  8. Red Passage
  9. Panzerstoss (intro)
  10. Reborn In Flames
  11. Fractal Light
  12. From Beyond (intro)
  13. Crucified Ones
  14. Foetus God
  15. Black Sabbath
  16. Reign In Blood
  17. Omen (outro)
  18. Dark Age
  19. Kingdom Bonus video track

[ Cover ]

Japanese version

Contains two more tracks (the real concert had some one or two more...). Unfortunately I can't tell what tracks. Anyone?

The band's line-up on this album is:

This is a live album recorded on 1998.08.31 at Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan. Released in Poland as an Enhanced CD in contains Kingdom videoclip as a bonus (CD only, of course). Multimedia part is somewhat broken, though.

Release info
Version Where Label
Enhanced CD Poland Metal Mind Records
Japanese Japan Marquee / Avalon

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