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Vader is probably the most famous Polish death metal band. Located in Olsztyn, Poland they are well known in Poland and the other countries. After some demo tapes (the most important was Necrolust, recorded in 1989) they released a successful debut EP Morbid Reich, which is said to be the world best selling death metal casette. In 1992 they recorded The Ultimate Incantation, which was released by one of the most important death metal record labels, Earache Records. In 1993 they played a big tour, known as World Incantation Tour. The tour, played in 12 countries and promoting the recent LP was a huge success and resulted in the live LP The Darkest Age. In 1994 they released Sothis. Their newest regular release is De Profundis, released in September 1995. It is promoted by a single containing I. F. Y., Depeche Mode (yes!) cover, recorded, as Peter, the Vader's leader, says, to encourage the people who are afraid of death/black metal to this kind of music. Also, they are about to release two videos soon - one for Incantation, and the second for I. F. Y. (there's also a video clip for Dark Age). New video will probably be released for Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover), other sources say that for Flag Of Hate (Kreator cover).

The cover album (Future Of The Past), featuring covers of Slayer, Black Sabbath, Depeche Mode, Celtic Frost, Sodom, Kreator, Terrorizer, Possesed, Dark Angel and Anti-Nowhere League (some of the featured bands differ from those announced earlier) was released on March 21st. Also, they were recording two tracks for a Slayer cover album (Slatanic Slaughterer).
Reborn In Chaos, LP containing the material from their famous demo, Necrolust, and the debut EP, Morbid Reich, is also available.

Recently China left Vader and was replaced by Mauser (ex-Chris Agony). The new line-up recorded Black To The Blind (released on November 17th, 1997), as well as Kingdom (released on March 23rd), which is its continuation. It contains two previously unreleased tracks plus Anamnesis which was previously only available on Japanese edition of Black To The Blind. Other tracks are new version of classical Breath Of Centuries and two remixes. Before that The Darkest Age, Sothis and Reborn In Chaos were re-released with slightly remastered sound and some corrections to the covers (The Darkest Age has a completely new one).

In early november '98 a videotape "Vision And Voice" was released. December kicks off with a second live LP, "Live In Japan", and then we should prepare for the new stidio LP sometime in early 1999.

Vader '96 (taken from "Future Of The Past")

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Vader: (left to right) Doc (dr), Shambo (b), Peter (g, voc), China (g)

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