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Not all of Vader items are available everywhere. But since we, the fans, are spread all over the world we can help each other buy items that are available in some countries and not available in others. That's why I made this page. Hope this helps you!

Darkest Age, 1994
Vader's first live LP.
De Profundis, 1995
The best (IMHO) of Vader's LPs.
CD digipack
Kingdom, 1998
Six track mini-LP, originally released only in Poland. One of the newer releases from Vader.
Live In Japan, 1998
Newest live LP from Vader.
Enhanced CD
Litany, 2000
Brand new release from Vader.
Enhanced CD digipack
Vision And Voice, 1998
Full length video containing a specially arranged live performance.
Super Poster + Carnal SP, 1997
86x61 cm poster promoting "Black To The Blind". Also contains interview, discography info, musician's profiles, etc. Included Carnal / Black To The Blind promo SP. Limited availability.
Poster + CD
Super Poster 2 + Xeper SP, 2000
86x61 cm poster promoting "Litany". Also contains interviews with all Vader's musicians. Included Xeper / North promo SP. Limited availability.
Poster + CD
Many designs - ask for additional details.

There are also other items available - just ask!.


Region 1st item Next items Video cassettes: add
Europe $4 $2 $3
Russia $5 $3 $5
North America $5 $3 $5
Africa $5 $3 $5
South America $6 $4 $8
Asia $6 $4 $8
Australia & Oceania $6 $4 $8

I accept cash in USD or DEM (or PLN, but I don't think this would be convenient for you). Only notes, no coins. When sending money make sure to wrap it so it's not visible through the envelope. Cheques can also be accepted, but since they are likely to cause me a lot of troubles (not to mention the provision I'll have to pay) they are discouraged.

Also please make sure the bills are not damaged in any way. This includes notes that are very excessively worn out, that have cut corners, that have pen marks (particularily on the portrait part), etc. The banks here don't seem to like these.

You should also be able to purchase all Vader's albums and similar stuff from the band's management. Send self adressed stamped envelope to Mariusz Kmiolek (see contact page for the address) for more information.

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