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All text and artwork used in The Darkest Page is created and copyrighted by Pawel Wiecek, unless otherwise stated.

All lyrics were written by Piotr Wiwczarek and others and are copyrighted by them, proper record companies, and probably someone else. They are all taken from CD / cassette lyrics sheets.

Cover art and band photos are copyrighted by proper artists or photographers. Record companies probably have rights to cover art too.

All music was written by Vader and is copyrighted by the band, proper record companies, and probably someone else. Tablatures were transcribed by various fans.

This is an unofficial, fan made, homepage. It has no connection of any kind to the band itself, its management or the record labels.

The merchandise service is a "fan-to-fan-help" service.

Hereby I officially cast a curse on anyone who misunderstands my intentions (what the hell, they deserve it).

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